• Caitlin Dulin

Why is My Dad Always Right?

Imagine 13 year old me, sitting at the dining room table desperately trying to understand algebra. I'm getting noticeably frustrated; to which my dad replies, "change your attitude." That. Did. Not. Help. It used to make me so angry. How on earth was changing my attitude supposed to help? Now that I'm older, I understand. The way we approach anything affects the way it turns out.

I have been reading about Joseph in Genesis lately. He was dealt an awful hand early in life. Sold into slavery by his jealous brothers, tempted and then accused of rape by his masters lying wife, forgotten by the guy in prison who could have helped him get out, and living a good portion of his life in a foreign land with no visible hope of ever seeing his family again.. especially since his brothers told his dad he was dead.

Joseph didn't sit at the dining room table seething in anger, he maintained a level head and worked hard as if he were exactly where he wanted to be. God blessed him greatly for it. Everywhere he was placed, he gained the respect and trust of those in charge of him. They gave him leadership roles which eventually made way to his big break- Pharoah's right hand man. This opportunity lead to him ruling over everyone who had done him wrong! He forgave his brothers and even saved their lives.

If he had given up, he might have just died as a nobody in an Egyptian prison. But, he didn't sit and dwell in self pity, though he arguably had every right to do so. He was willing to trust God and honor Him no matter where he was, so God was able to use and bless him. God causes all things to work together for those that love Him and are called according to His purpose (Romans 8:28). If life gives you lemons, submit those lemons to God and let Him make the sweetest lemonade out of it. Change your attitude- because your attitude changes everything.

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