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Go Series: Ananias

Acts 9:10-18 Take a moment to read these verses, and then meet me back here!

We enter the scene right after Paul (known as Saul of Tarsus at the time) was met by Jesus on the road to Damascus. Jesus' glory was so bright that it blinded Paul and his companions had to guide him the rest of the way. This guy was not a nice fellow. He killed believers in Jesus, thinking it was the will of God. He oversaw the stoning of Stephen and had ill intentions for his time in Damascus as well. Jesus had other intentions, which definitely trumped his. Jesus- 1. Paul- 0.

Enter Ananias. I am inspired by his prompt response to God. God says his name, he answers right away. He was not, however, eager to go and heal Paul's blind eyes like the Lord was asking him to. Understandably so- Annanias knew his reputation and voiced concern to God that Paul could bring harm to him if he called on the name of Jesus in his presence. God was quick to assure him that Paul was about to realize that he was a chosen instrument to reach the Gentiles with the gospel of Christ. That was enough for Ananias. He stopped questioning, took God at His word, and went. When he laid hands on Paul, he called him "Brother Paul." If God accepted him, so did Ananias. Sometimes the "Go" God has for us seems scary or doesnt make any sense. But, like Ananias, we can trust that if He is telling us do something, it makes sense to Him. Where He leads, He equips. I'm sure it was totally worth it to go and pray for the "enemy" when he saw the unimaginable enternal impact Paul made on this earth. Sometimes your "Go" doesn't make sense, and sometimes your "Go" launches someone else into theirs. Either way, always listen to the Holy Spirit and go.

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