Coincidence? Nah.

A bit of background for this story before we dive into today's Time Out Tuesday. Elisha was a prophet of God in the old testament. The woman referenced in the story always invited Elisha to stay in her home when he was in her town. He asked the Lord to bless her with a son as a gift to her; she was baren so she did not have any kids. The boy ends up dying and then Elisha comes and raises the boy back to life. 2 Kings 4:8-37

Alright, now you're all caught up.

A few years later, a famine hits the land and Elisha tells her to go live somewhere else for 7 years, and come back when the famine is over. Do you believe in coincidence? Let me know in the comments if you still do after reading this story. Its just so happens that the king and Elisha's servant just happen to be talking about how awesome Elisha is and how he has restored the dead to life. *Enter woman with resurrected child from stage right.* Gehazi, Elisha's servant, exclaims, "Hey! That's the lady with the kid Elijah brought back to life!!" (New International Caitlin Version.) The king is so in awe with Elisha's reputation, that favor overflows onto the woman he helped. She receives back everything she had before she left ... and then some.

2 Kings 8:4-6

What kind of reputation do we have? Are we known as believers? People who bless and serve others? Miracle workers? People of God's kingdom? I'm humbled by this story. I can have a positive impact on someone's life several years from now, just because of who I am today. How exciting is that?? It sounds very daunting.. how do we achieve such an awesome feat? The answer is simple. Seek God and obey Him. He lays out in His Word how we are to treat others. The next few Time Out Tuesdays will highlight scripture that instructs us in godly character. I encourage you to read both of these stories today. Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

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