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Our dream is to inspire personal growth and confidence in the lives of the young adults in our community. We believe this starts with a strong relationship with our Father. Our weekly bible studies are very interactive. We simply meet, read, and talk about what we've learned. We want our group to be a place where individuals feel safe to open up and be known. Another important aspect of our ministry is fellowship. Between game nights, campfires, and other activities, we always try to provide opportunities to engage with each other. Although Covid has made volunteer opportunities difficult right now, we intend to make it a regular part of our activities when we are able. 

About the Group

About the Dulins

My name is Caitlin Dulin. My husband, Paul, and I are the leaders of the young adults group at New Beginnings. We met there and have now been married for 3 years. I am also a bass player and vocalist on our Sunday morning worship team. I have worked at the Grays Harbor College Bookstore for 8 years. My position at the college allows me a great opportunity to connect with the young people in our community. Paul has completed level one of the INSTE bible course offered through Open Bible. He also attended the Honor Academy in Texas for 5 years; gaining biblical knowledge and learning to serve in his ministry. Paul also has an AA in business and is a driver for the UPS. 

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